Why only some Images on my Website are not Displaying (With Proof)

When you have built a website with all efforts, and everything was working fine on your PC, all of a sudden you when you view your site from a different PC or Phone, you may see some of the images are not displaying. You have checked with the Inspect tools and found No Errors.

Here is why it happens. If you view from a browser that has AdBlocker, it may disable some images. So, how will the adblocker decide that the image is an advertisement? It’s not human.

The answer is simple. Just by the name, it will identify it as an ad, in reality, it may not be an ad and can be just a regular image. So, what counts is the file name. There are some names that are blacklisted by AdBlockers.

The reason why only some Images of your Website are not showing

An image with title, ad, advertisement, ad unit, adv, sale, discount, promotions, etc may be detected as an ad due to its file name. Because the AI of the extension considers it as spam/ advertisement. Hence never use these kinds of file names.


Just download those images which are not showing, to your PC. Rename them. Reupload them and add them to the necessary files and locations. Now to verify, view it from a new Guest window after clearing Cache (if any).

Viola!, you can see all your images are loading. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Please comment and inform us if this article was useful.


Here is a link to the image one of our clients used on their website.

Link to the Image: Pixabay (Thanks to Pixabay for their wonderful collection of Royalty-Free Images)

(The link is available as of 20 Jan 2022. If it isn’t available now, let me know in the comments, I will share a different image)

What you need to do is, just upload the image as it is for any of your sample test posts. Do not Rename. Check with any browser running on Adblocker after clearing the cache. The image may not show up. When you disable AdBlock, it will work)

Postscript: What we believe is, using Adblock decreases the revenue of quality websites which may be the only source of their income. Spams and Ads are different concepts. Of course! Spams are only shown on Spammy Websites.

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