How to get Complete Site Information on WordPress

If some developer asks you to share ‘Server Details’ of your WordPress, how are you going to know the amount which is already allotted? Some plugins may show you the details. Here is the straightforward way to know the PHP version, PHP memory limit, PHP time limit, max input var, maximum upload size, etc.

Just visit your ‘Site Health Screen’ and then click on the ‘Info’ tab. That’s it. You have all the data you require. You can select ‘Server’ in the list to get complete information on your PHP configurations. And here is how you do it.

Go to Tools > Site Health


Visit your WordPress Dashboard. Scroll down and you will see the ‘Site Health Status’ block. The block has a link to ‘Site Health Screen’.


Just add ‘/wp-admin/site-health.php‘ to your URL and you will be taken to the Site Health Screen.

Here is all the information that you get on the info page. You can click on ‘Copy Site Info to Clipboard’ and then you can Paste in a Text Document on your PC.

Information on the ‘Site Info’ Tab is Sensitive. Share only what is required.

  1. WordPress Details
  2. Directories and Sizes
  3. Active Theme
  4. Parent Theme
  5. Inactive Thmes
  6. Active Themes
  7. Media Handling
  8. Server
  9. Database
  10. WordPress Constants
  11. Filesystem Permissions

Most people need details about ‘WordPress’ and ‘Server’. So, here is what the Information on WordPress tab looks like,

wordpress site information details

And here is what the Information on Server tab looks like,

wordpress site information server details

If you want to modify any of those values, you can easily do that by editing .htaccess and wp-config.php or through PHP configurations of your Hosting Control Panel. There is a detailed article on Increasing PHP Memory Limit, Time Limit, Max Input Var in WordPress.

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