How Often to Back Up WordPress Site? (The Final Answer)

WordPress sites rarely break. If it does due to updates, and you are not well versed with WordPress resolutions, you may need to restore the Backup. If a site gets hacked, you need to have a Backup of the Files and Database before the Hack happened or before the malware was injected.

We have divided WordPress sites into 3 Categories with different Backup timing intervals.

  1. Static Sites – Once a Month
  2. Dynamic Sites – Daily/ Once a Week
  3. E-Commerce – Daily/ Real Time

Let us discuss in detail,

Static Sites

If you are running static sites (One-time sites, Single Page, Institutional, Portfolio, Agency, etc) on WordPress you generally don’t need to backup often because you rarely login to these sites. We recommend taking a complete Backup of Static WordPress sites at least once a month*, before updating and after updating. If you have multiple sites to manage, you can utilize the ManageWP Worker Plugin to perform remote backups.

*- If there is any Vulnerability Update, you must update your site with a prior backup, here time interval doesn’t count.

Dynamic Sites

Dynamic Sites (Blogs, News Sites that are regularly updated) generate frequent content for the web. Here Backup also needs to be frequent. We recommend doing a complete backup of Dynamic Sites at least once a Week for Blogs that are updated weekly and Daily backups for Blogs and News Websites that are updated daily. In general, if there are any changes made to the site (any new post added) by the end of the day there should be a backup. It doesn’t matter what kind of site you are running. When any new Plugins are added/ updated, there must be an offline backup ready just in case something breaks.

You might think that taking a Backup is a time-consuming job. The answer is YES and NO. If you use the most generous UpDraft Backup Plugin, you may have observed that the backup takes too long. That is because of the resources you provided for WordPress. Purchase better hosting and all of your problems will be solved.

Here is our list of the Best and Fast Backup Plugins for WordPress.

E-Commerce Sites

A database entry is created whenever someone adds a product to their cart. This means the database is the most important and critical part of E-Commerce websites.

Assume that there was a customer online who was adding items to the cart. If you don’t have a real-time Backup of your Woocommerce website, if something goes wrong and you restored a backup that is just an hour old, the customer who is online will lose the items added to their cart. Or even, if the customer had placed an order in the meantime just before the crash, they will lose that. It will be a complete mess and obviously, the customer will have negative feedback on your site.

Overall the saying is, Keeping your Woocommerce Site stable and secure is more important than anything else.

We recommend having a real-time backup of Woocommerce sites with more traffic. Blogvault is one of the Best Real-Time backup plugins we recommend.

If your Woocommerce site has less traffic, i.e. <100-1000 views a day, when you process your orders, take frequent manual backups if you don’t wish to have real-time backups on your site. You can use Duplicator or UpDraft

E-Commerce Sites get frequent visits. And when the Backup is being done, it will consume a huge amount of CPU for a short period of time. Depending on the country in which is the site is getting viewers, during late nights there will be less traffic as usual. This time will be the right time for any such resource-intensive activities.

You always want Woocommerce sites up and running fine. Hence use better hosting, stable plugins, and themes, never use nulled plugins. If there is a data breach, your customer data will be compromised. And in some privacy-concerned countries in the world, you may face consequences. These things only happen in three cases.

(i) Your site has No Login Security and Brute Force has been can be carried out.
(ii) You used Pirated/ Nulled Plugins with Malicious Code inside it just to save some Bucks.
(iii) Your site was heavily targeted and some plugin/ theme vulnerability was found out before the developer released a patch update.

Overall, whichever site you run, Static, Dynamic, or E-Commerce, always take a backup just before you logout of the site. It will take hardly 2-3 minutes max and save it somewhere outside of WP either in Cloud or Computer.

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