Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

In this article, we have listed the most popular WordPress Backup Plugins. Backing up and Restoring Backups are different processes. Plugins available out there may allow only Backup and may not allow Restore in their Free Versions. So before you settle with a Backup Plugin make sure that it does the job right. Here are the Plugins we use the most.


We start this Article with our All-Time Favorite Free Backup Plugin, Duplicator. Most people assume this plugin is a Migrator Plugin. Yes! They are right. This plugin helps you to migrate your site easily provided it is under 500MB. For the Plugin to migrate, technically it should take a backup right? Yes. It will take a Backup. What we recommend is to keep that backup safe somewhere outside of Hosting.

For more details on how to use this Plugin, you can read our detailed guide on Backing Up WP using Duplicator.

Updraft Plus

The most generous backup plugin (there are other generous plugins too) which can take backups of your site and store it safely and secure Google Drive, DropBox, etc far from Hosting is the Updraft Plus Plugin. This plugin also allows you to restore the site in the dashboard itself.

In the free version of Updraft Plus, you can take any number of Backups and Restore it as many times as you want. What you can’t do is Migration. i.e. you cannot move your site to another hosting or domain. You can buy their premium version. If you own their Premium Version, then you need not look for any other backup solutions. You can also take auto-backups at regular intervals as you set it.

The problem with this Plugin is that, you need to have a strong CPU hosting account in order to backup your site fast. Slow hosting needs more time for backup. Some managed hosting providers like Kinsta had previously banned this plugin on their platform.

ManageWP Worker

Best Backup Plugin for WordPress sites that are rarely logged in. Basically, you need not Login to your site to back it up. Everything can be done remotely. ManageWP Worker is a MultiUtility plugin. It can be used to Backup, Migrate, Remote Login WordPress, Update Themes, and Plugins remotely.

We being webmasters, utilize this plugin to manage all our client websites just from one single dashboard. If in case we need to login to some site, we do that with just 1 click. No Password, No Emails, Nothing. You will be redirected to WP Dashboard.

We use this plugin extensively to Backup and Migrate our Client sites. A detailed guide will be published about utilizing this Plugin.

: Best for Easy WordPress Backups and Restoration inside the Dashboard.
Duplicator: Best Plugin for Both Backup and Migration.
ManageWP: Best for Static Site Migrations.

So when often do you backup WordPress? Read the detailed guide about Right Time Intervals for WordPress Backup.

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