Hello and Welcome to wpclimax.com. This website is All about keeping WordPress Light and Fast.

Who We Are,

We are a team of Professional Website Developers.

On our website, we share information related to WordPress, WooCommerce, and Hosting. We have more than 10 years of experience with WordPress. In the past, we have built more than 60 websites for our Clients.

The Websites which we designed include Agency Sites, Photography Websites, E-Commerce Websites, WordPress Blogs, Institutional Sites, Bank Websites (Informational), Portfolios, etc.

How this Started

In spite of having years of experience, we find ourselves in a situation where we start to dig our previous projects for some old codes and CSS. This consumes a lot of time. Hence we decided to Log our work. Keep the list of Codes ready to be copy-pasted, which should save our time digging and increase our productivity.

Keeping an online Log will help everyone struggling with WordPress and we started our blog.